Max Mattei

Max Mattei is a local resident of Massachusetts and a graduate of the Art Institute of Boston. Max describes himself as "An artist immersed in the visual arena." The fusion of his strong design background with his visual appreciation and unique perception of the world around him is truly reflected in the diverse body of work he has created. He will often travel to the same location over and over, studying his subject, tracking the light and shadows, observing the many nuances in play, until that certain moment arrives when he knows he can capture the image that will finally convey the story he is trying to tell.

Max's mission is to offer the viewer a moment to engage with his work. It's an invitation to take a break from the headlong rush of life and remember what surrounds us and sustains us each and every day if we only take the time to really see.

Max has been featured in both Cape Cod Life and Boston Magazine. Select works are at Tree's Place in Orleans and The Artful Hand Gallery in Chatham. His work is currently on display at the Kent Newton Salon Gallery in Boston from April through July 2015. Max will also be a guest artist on display during the 2015 - 2016 season at The Blue Heron Gallery in Wellfleet.