Nicholas Peterson

Nicholas Peterson grew up in a small Ohio town, but has been living in Massachusetts for the past 35 years. As a child his days were spent investigating the shores of the Maumee River and from this experience developed a deep appreciation and love for nature that inspires him to this day.

In the 1980 Peterson moved to Boston and quickly discovered the natural beauty of Cape Cod. There is a long history of Cape artists interpreting on canvas the simplicity and inexplicable energy that manifests itself only where the ocean meets the shore. Cape Cod is filled with an ever-changing experience of light and shadow.

The artists that have gone before him in the Realist and Impressionist schools have always fascinated Nick. Some of his favorites are Edward Hopper and Lucian Freud – both of whom influence his work.

Peterson's landscapes are painted at various times of the day. The sunrise and sunset paintings readily lend themselves to the dramatic shadows and deep colors that are experienced for just a passing moment. The midday paintings when the sun is high and the air is filled with light, reflect the intense heat and obscurity of the Cape landscape. The cloud paintings are full of color the capture the constantly changing sky above.

Peterson's still life paintings have evolved over time. Somehow the artist landed on apples and pears – and has found a love for peering into the colors and shapes that form on the fruit as it matures. These paintings are both abstract and realist; the disparate colors and shapes harmonizing to form something we know.

For years Peterson has contributed as a Registered Nurse at Fenway Community Health and more recently at Brigham and Women's Hospital. As a nurse, Peterson's focus was GLBTQ health and HIV/AIDS. For his patients he intentionally manifested an energy that is healing and kind. Peterson attempts to manifest this in his art as well by creating images that are engaging and reassuring. For the past 35 years Peterson has lived in Boston. There he lives with is partner Steve, and their two young kids Shabar and Valerie.