Thomas Reale

Born and raised in Connecticut, Thomas Reale is a photographer who has called Boston home for the last 22 years. He has appeared on the television program It's All About The Arts, and his work has been shown throughout Boston at venues including the Liberty Hotel, Trident Bookstore/Café, 224 Boston Street, and The Ashmont Grill as well as various Open Studios. He has shown his work in San Francisco and Minneapolis. His works hangs in Homes and businesses across the United States.

Drawn since childhood to architecture, his images range from urban scenes and architecture to the great outdoors to simple domestic impressions. The interplay of light and shadow often characterizes his work.

"I can never seem to walk somewhere in a straight line. I always see so many images that I need to capture. The way light and shadows hit an object. I am always being stopped in my tracks by something that catches my eye.

I am sometimes asked how I would describe my photography and I am often at a loss for words. My subjects run such a wide range that for me it's difficult to just sum up in a short paragraph.

Architecture, landscapes, people, nature. Simple domestic settings. I see something interesting in all of them."