Brad Baldwin

Brad Baldwin grew up in Westwood, Massachusetts and graduated from St. Olaf College with a history degree in 2013.  Growing up, he was lucky to travel the world with his family and loved to take pictures on those trips.  Brad has been involved in the arts as a musician playing the string bass, and as a DJ for events.  During the pandemic, Brad became more passionate about photography, spending his artistic time solely on the pursuit of learning and developing his style.  He was fortunate to visit Pemaquid Point, Maine last summer with his girlfriend Paige and her family.

  After seeing the Milky Way there, Brad’s interest in Star and Astrophotography flourished. Brad visited Provincetown for the first time in March of 2021 to celebrate his thirtieth birthday.  He loved exploring the dunes and experiencing the charm of the town.  Brad continues to practice his photography skills, always looking for the next opportunity to show the beauty of the world as captured through his lens.