Nicholas Peterson

Nicholas Peterson grew up in a small Ohio town, but has been living in Massachusetts for the past 35 years. As a child his days were spent investigating the shores of the Maumee River and from this experience developed a deep appreciation and love for nature that inspires him to this day.

In the 1980s, Peterson moved to Boston and quickly discovered the natural beauty of Cape Cod. There is a long history of Cape artists interpreting on canvas the simplicity and inexplicable energy that manifests itself only where the ocean meets the shore and as the seasons change. Cape Cod is filled with an ever-changing experience of light and shadow.

Peterson’s color choices – the warm earth tones of autumn, the light replenishment of spring, the deep decadence of summer, and the search for warmth during the blue winter months create a poetry of subjects and visual sensations that infuse his landscapes and still-lives. The moods and energies of these paintings change with each passing season.

In his art, Peterson uses a rich palette of colors and familiar subject matter that is accessible and engaging. His intention is to connect to humanity. As Peterson said of his art, “I think that my paintings reflect the work of a man who is kind, engaging, and who is mindful of his life. I think this energy travels from me, down my brush, and onto my canvases – and hopefully to those who engage the art.”
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