Miklos Pogany

Born in Hungary in 1946 and active today in New England, Miklos Pogany is a nothing if not prolific. A master of many media, Pogany has spent decades not only working tirelessly in monotype, linocut and even the glass-based vitrograph method of creating art, but also in oils, colored pencil, archival felt tip ink, even applied cut paper, creating vivid works based on nature and the built environment. Self-taught, Pogany explores and pushes the parameters of each medium, creating abstractions as well as more representational works.

Coming of age in the era of experimentation as Jasper Johns was reimagining lithography and Warhol was co-opting the silkscreen, Pogany was mastering the art of the monotype. In the following decades, his work has become very well respected, collected and exhibited. Pogany’s work is now in the collections of 16 major institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, The Victoria and Albert in London, the Fogg Museum at Harvard University in Cambridge. His work also appears in numerous private and corporate collections worldwide.