Max Mattei

Max works behind the camera eye, fusing his strong design skills and his unique aesthetics for visual art to create images meant to engage the viewer in multi-layered stories of the world around them, both natural and man-made.  His art is diverse, encompassing nature’s impressive landscapes, oceans and mountain vistas, explorations of cities with their architectural beauty and forms and also some work that takes on a more abstract imaginative interpretation.

There is a truly expressive nature to his work. Deeply sensitive to his subjects, he strives to reveal the individual tone and nuance of each. Each piece is carefully rendered, each picture an investment of time spent chasing light and shadow, patiently stalking and waiting for the perfect moment that will embody what Max wants to impart about that captured image to share with the viewer.


Max is a graduate of the Art Institute of Boston and went on to continued studies at Mass Art. He has been featured in Cape Cod Life and Boston Magazine. His art hangs in many prominent institutions and businesses, such as Logan Airport and Granite Medical, as well as in the homes of private collectors. Along with Stewart Clifford Gallery, he also currently has work hanging at the Blue Heron in Wellfleet and the Artful Hand in Chatham.

Max has been a guest artist at Trees Place in Orleans, G13 Gallery in Rockport, The Plymouth Center for the Arts and Kent Newton Salon in Boston to name a few.

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